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23 YEARS IN BUSINESS – A word from the owner – Dene van der Merwe

My Journey with Dione Lifestyle.
The Meditrim clinic was established in 1996 by Dr Jan Kroeze and his wife Susan. It was mainly a slimming clinic with slimline machines, endermologie, a physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist and a skincare clinic.

Dr Kroeze approached me with an exciting proposal to start the skincare clinic and I still remember how we walked through the premises and climbing over some rubble as they were busy renovating the house.
It was a very exciting prospect to become a part of this first time ever concept in Brackenfell, but I have then just started as a representative and trainer for an international skincare company Matis and sadly declined the offer to pursue the challenge I have just started.

Five years later Dr Kroeze decided to immigrate to Canada and the business and premises were offered for sale. I grabbed the opportunity and me and my husband became the very proud new owners of Meditrim at the end of 2001.

During 2002 we decided to change the direction of the business and introduced a variety of new treatments like Laser, permanent make up and spa treatments as well as opening a hair salon. We also started with our very first renovations to change the look of the building. With the years to follow we continued to do major changes and build on a dance studio as well as a coffee shop. Sadly Christa and her husband also decided to immigrate and I then took over Cleo House of Beauty from her at the end of 2002.
We changed the names of Meditrim and Cleo house of beauty and became Dione Lifestyle.

A very dynamic therapist, Christa Neethling then became the owner of the skin clinic called Cleo House of Beauty.

Both Meditrim and Cleo House of Beauty became clients of mine stocking the products I supplied.

Today I am proud to still be the owner of the Dione Lifestyle centre and my journey has been one of passion, pleasure, lots of gratitude and satisfaction whilst meeting so many people and making new friends. Like running any business I also had my fair share of stress, challenges and up hills but with a competent team of employees we have always been able to solve most problems and survive whatever came our way.


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