Get that “ all year round tan”  in a safer, healthier and controlled environment

Dione Lifestyles tanning services include:

Sun bed

Tan Can

Spray tan

SUN BED - 32 tubes (Horizontal)

@ R285.00

10 Minutes Each      

@ R30.00

10 Minutes

15 Sessions

Single Session

TAN CAN (Vertical)

@ R285.00

5 Minutes Each

15 Sessions

@ R30.00

5 Minutes

Single Session

@ R350.00

30 Minutes

Full Body

@ R250.00

15 Minutes

Partial Body

The use of sun bed goggles are compulsory when using sun bed or tan can Going to a party, going on holiday, getting married or just want to look fabulous, get a great looking,  hassle free tan with the piece of mind that you are protecting your skin.