At Dione Lifestyle we offer a variety of lifestyle programs that guarantees weight loss and assists in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Achieve a healthy lifestyle with the following services offered at Dione Lifestyle.

Weight Loss Clinic

Slimming Machines

Lipolytic Slimming injection

For additional slimming services please see our Endermologie


@ R150.00


@ R400.00

4 Weeks

Joining Fee

Weight Loss Program

@ R150.00


Body Stat & Consultation

( Incl. Full Body Assessment, Weight Management Programme, Weight Monitoring, Motivation and Mentoring )

@ R800.00


10 x 24 Electrode Treatments

@ R1250.00


20 x 24 Electrode Treatments

SLIMMING MACHINES ENDERMOLOGIE The Slimline machine will assist in firming & reshaping the body as well as improving the blood circulation, thereby adding to  centimetre loss.