( Incl. a specialized Alginate Mask ) ENVIRON FACIALS

Vitamin Facial

@ R375.00

1 Hour        

Deep Cleanse / Men’s Facial

@ R450.00

1 Hour       

@ R465.00

1 Hour  

ACM Cream Peel

Environ TCA Peel

@ R410.00

1 Hours          


Basic Facial

@ R415.00

1 Hour          

@ R425.00

1 Hour          

( Incl. anti-age serum )

DNA Fix Age

Nu Skin Rejuvenations Peel

@ R375.00

1 Hour      


Anti-ageing Skin Rejuvenation | Professional Skin Care Solutions |  Corrective Facials |  Clinical Facial Treatments

Our philosophy is to provide the best skin care treatments and solutions available, delivered with the highest standard of individual service.

Intelligent and sophisticated woman of today expect results and are keen to be informed on the latest skin care developments, whilst still enjoying nurturing indulgence. Combining the correct prescription of in Salon treatments and professionally prescribed home care, we believe will achieve your best ever skin.

All facial treatments begin with a personalized skin assessment, discussion of your individual requirements and a prescription for appropriate home care and suggested treatment regime.

As part of caring for you, we offer an Advanced Skin Analysis with a Skin Scanner FREE with facial product or treatment purchased. This skin analysis would usually cost R95.00

We will also recommend an intensive course of treatments for ultimate results.


Environ Facials

Dermaplex Facials

Regim A Facials

Derma Fix

Endermolift By Endermologie

Teen Skin Care

Back Cleanse

Facial Machines

Mainly for acne/pigmentation/environment damage. A facial that will purify and cleanse  impurities and includes a neck and face  massage to drain lymph nodes. DERMA FIX FACIALS

( Incl. Derma Bright Peel )

(Collagen Induction Facial - Excl. Roller)

( Incl. Derma Bright Peel )

Mini Peel

@ R495.00

1 ½ Hour      

@ R485.00

1 Hour         

@ R485.00

1 Hour      

Corrective Facials

Ensyme Lift

Corrective Enzyme

@ R485.00

1 Hours          

MT Micro-Needle Therapy

Course of 6 Micro-Needle Treatments

@ R750.00

1 Hour      

@ R3 850.00


(Oily, Acne, Dryness, Sensitivity, Anti-Aging, Pigmentation )

(12 Weeks - Excl. Roller)


Course Of 12 Treatments

@ R295.00

45 Minutes      

@ R210.00

30 Minutes  

Single Facial Treatment

Additional To Facial

@ R2 950.00



Back Cleanse

@ R375.00

1 Hour       


High Frequency

@ R120.00

15 Minutes         

@ R95.00

15 Minutes          

Ultra Sound


@ R75.00

15 Minutes          

@ R475.00

1 Hour  

@ R600.00

1 ½ Hours          

Purifying Treatment

Body Enhancing Peel & Polisher

Incorporates gentle cleansing, exfoliation and antiseptic action together with sebum  controllers and natural marine extract. Regulates hormones for problem skin treatment.

@ R385.00

45 Minutes          

Iniation Peel

@ R475.00

1 Hour            

30% Power Peel

@ R500.00

1 Hour            

50% Power Peel

TCA Progressive Peel

@ R850.00

1 ¼ Hour     

Course Of 6 Treatments

@ R1 650.00