Lipo Massage By Endermologie

An effective and risk free technique for controlling cellulite and reshaping the body.

The Endermologie® process:

Restructure the skin's connective tissue

Stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

Facilitates the elimination of toxins.

Triggers the body's normal process for excess fat elimination.

Used effectively, pre-and post liposuction procedures to accelerate healing and enhance results.

Endermologie® extensively tones and firms resulting in a smoother skin and a slimmer, more refined figure. Changes occur in the areas where they are most needed. In addition to the significant reduction of cellulite, the Endermologie? technique also promotes relaxation and well-being, thus helping to fight stress. All Endermologie clients will receive a full body assessment.


Ultrasound & lymph drainage are used in combination for cellulite, body contouring, fat reduction & stretch marks.

A combination of Endermologie and Endersonic will obtain the best results without any surgery.

Both these revolutionary services are now available at Dione Lifestyle Centre

Endermologie / Endersonic

@ R3 850.00


@ R355.00


Course of 12 Endermologie, Endersonic or a combination of both @ R320.00 each

Single Treatment

@ R425.00


Endermologie Stockings

@ R2 000.00


Course of 6 Endermologie, Endersonic or a combination of both @ R320.00 each